Registration is Open for the 2023 XC season.

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Cross Country 2023

Cross Country 2023

As a parent or legal guardian of the above named player, I hereby give my consent for emergency medical care prescribed by a duly licensed Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Dentistry. This may be given under whatever conditions are necessary to preserve life, limb, or well being of my dependent.
Both the parent (or guardian) and the student will affirm by accepting this form that each understands the following statement regarding their ability in the event of student injury; It is understood by the student and his/her parent/guardian that NH Thunder assumes no liability for injuries incurred in NH Thunder sponsored athletics. Any student injury must be reported to the coach before leaving the place of meet or practice in order that proper report is completed. All medical, hospital, ambulance or other such bills shall be charged to the parent/guardian and shall be considered the financial responsibility of such parent/guardian.
This permission is for your child to be photographed and/or video taped while participating in SRS activities for use on the website or other media articles(players will not be identified by name).
I can volunteer to run with the kids.
****You can make this program better by providing your active support. Please volunteer your time to help. Experience is not necessary. This program is in need of parents who will be willing to run with the kids through the trails.
I can bring a healthy meal or snack for the CBNA Athletes
The CBNA athletes who help coach the NH Thunder athletes have been at school since 7:30am and go to their own practice right after school and then stay for the Thunder practice to help coach. We would like to provide them with healthy meals and snacks. If each family could bring a crockpot, pizza, or healthy snacks to just one practice we would have enough food to feed our CBNA helpers. Thank you for considering to help. A follow up email will be sent if you replied YES.

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